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The Lan party Talk Show was originally started in mid 2016 with ideas running though creator Justin Von Goldberg's head about doing a live podcast via twitch.

He wasn't sure where to start and was not even a streamer at the time, so he scoured twitch and happen to come across a streamer that was friendly and interactive with his viewers. Justin and his wife Amber spoke with this streamer night after night until Justin finally asked him the specifics of streaming and how to do it.

​With the right nudge Justin finally began to stream. He also joined a peer to peer stream team that Tyler(The streamer who encourage Justin) was in for small streamers to support one another. Thus where the idea of creating something bigger began to come more into focus.

​The idea of having a show where you could talk about nerdy things such as gaming, movies, TV shows and tech was inspiring. So Justin reached out to that friendly streamer, outsideself aka Tyler Serben, and began more specifics on the lan party talk show.

​TLPTS kicked off for about 10 episodes in its first run, but due to scheduling changes, and life it's self. TLPTS had to be put on hold. However the shows first run was premature and had its list of issue, therefore it was probably the best choice to keep it on hold.

​Justin did not want to give up the dream of having a podcast/talk show, so he
began re-organizing the inner workings of how the show ran. and reached back out to Tyler, who's schedule happened to be free again.

​Eventually the two brought on Elliot Moore, aka Eman220 who was a fantastic indie game streamer. He had the right attitude love for tech and enjoyed our show.

​With hard work and re-building on the foundation of what was The lan party talk show, we rebuilt. we have now even grown more, we hope you stay around and see whats next! thank you for reading and visiting our website.
Auron / Nov 30, 2018

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